Indri Whisky Award: This Indian whiskey is the best in the world, shares rocket as soon as it received the award, and investors flocked within two days!

Indri Whisky Award: World’s best single malt

According to Piccadilly Distilleries’ founder, Siddhartha Sharma, “India’s image is shifting around the globe. India and Indians are pushing the envelope in all areas, whether it’s in business, athletics, technology, or the creation of handcrafted, high-end goods. We believe that India is rediscovering its magic as evidenced by accomplishments like Chandrayaan’s moon landing, Neeraj Chopra’s breaking of world records, and numerous Indians reaching milestones never before attained. India has long been renowned for its exquisite and outstanding quality and finer things, and this reputation dates back hundreds of years.

In India, foreign liquor predominates. However, Indian liquor industries are now also succeeding greatly. The Best Whiskey in the World title has been given to an Indian whiskey company. Following that, investors are flocking to purchase its shares.

In fact, Indri Single Malt Indian Whiskey has been recognized as the world’s top whiskey. The ‘Whisky of the World Awards for 2023’ has been given to Indri. The shares of Piccadily Agro Inds Limited, the firm that makes it, are then causing a storm. On Wednesday, the stock reached a 20 per cent upper circuit for the second day running.

That implies that the shareholders of this firm became wealthy in just two days. The stock has soared by a stunning 40% during the past two days. Regarding Piccadilly Agro Share’s performance, on September 29 the stock ended at Rs 115. After that, the news of the award arrived, and the stock quickly shot up. A 20% increase in the stock price was noted on October 3. However, this pattern is still present on October 4. In two days, the share price rose to Rs 165.

In the past six months, Piccadily Agro Inds stock has generated gains of more than 242 percent. However, it has returned 270 percent so far this year. It has provided its investor’s returns of more than 349 percent over the past year. In contrast, it has satisfied investors by providing multi bagger returns of 1530 percent over the past five years.

The business has released its 2023 Whiskey, an Indian Whiskey Indri Diwali Collector’s Edition. It is remarkable that millions of people love whiskey all around the world. The fact that this brand is entirely Indian is what makes it unique. Western nations have long dominated the production and manufacturing of alcohol.

65 crores were obtained from 1 lakh

Shares of Piccadilly Agro have generated tremendous profits. This share’s cost was only 25 pesos on July 11, 1997; it is now worth Rs 165. In other words, the investors’ initial investment of Rs 1 lakh in this company’s equity in 1997 would have grown to Rs 65.20 crore today. The stock has produced a return of 65100% throughout this time frame.

“Whiskies of the World Awards, one of the biggest whiskey-tasting competitions in the world, assesses over 100 different whiskies every year from all over the world. A jury of some of the greatest tastemakers and influencers in the alcohol-beverage sector selects one whiskey as the best whisky in each class after a thorough blind tasting conducted over numerous rounds across categories, according to a statement from Piccadilly Agro Industries.

“India is experiencing a fantastic period, and Indian whiskies are not far behind since we are contributing to the India story. Our goal of putting domestically produced premium liquids on the global stage is strengthened by Indri’s significant victory at the Whiskies of the World awards, where it was named the Best Whisky in the World. Being honoured and praised by such a prestigious venue, outshining hundreds of whiskies from around the world, is an honour.

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The gold-medal winning whiskey is a peated Indian single malt brewed with six-row barley, distilled in traditional copper pot stills built in India, and boasts a “myriad of flavours such as candied dried fruits, toasted nuts, subtle spices, oak, bittersweet chocolate, and more.”

A “proud moment for India,” according to Desi internet users.

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